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Meyers Direct™ has been selling labels direct to you over the Internet since 1996. We were born out of an experiment conducted by The Meyers Printing Companies, Inc. Meyers was selected to complete a major R&D project regarding the stay flat and jam free performance of laser and copier labels for a fortune 100 company. After the research was completed, this company decided not to continue in the laser label business. There we were with a newly developed product that was available at a lower cost and higher quality than anything else you could get in the marketplace. We asked our R&D customer if we might have a go at selling the product. They said yes and shortly after, we launched our first web site on a Friday back in May of 1996, and what a launch it was. We had not submitted our URL to any of the two search engines at that time; we just put our newly designed web page on a server and BANG we were live. We came into work on the following Monday morning and there it was in our inbox... Our first order via the Internet!

Buy Direct & Save was our motto and that has not changed. It has been gratifying to see our business double in size over and over again. We now receive orders from all over the world. Our ability to make custom and high performance products with special adhesives on unique substrates has been put to use by customers ranging from research laboratories to the U.S. military. Still, as our high volume and bulk pack customers know, helping you save costs is what we are really all about.

We've been listening to you for 20 years now; from navigation and new products to valuable label information we hope our continually improved web site meets all of your needs. If you run into any problems, or you cannot find an answer, we are here by phone at 1-800-241-9730 Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Central Standard Time.

From all of us here at Meyers Direct™, we hope that your online buying experience with us is fast, simple & easy. We've had a great time building this company for you and we look forward to continuing to fulfill your label needs.

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