Benefits to Using 3M Polyester Label Material

Meyers Direct offers a variety of different label materials to choose from including paper, polyester, gloss, clear, and fluorescent.  Out of all the materials Meyers Direct has to offers, the 3M Polyester Material is the most popular.  There are many uses for the polyester material, and that is what makes it so popular.

3M Polyester Label Material

Meyers Direct uses a very high quality polyester label material.  There are three pieces to the construction of the material: Face stock, Adhesive, and Liner.


Benefits to Polyester Labels

The polyester material has a matte top coat that protect against scuffing, chemicals, moisture, and wide temperature fluctuations.  The #310 adhesive is a firm adhesive which resists oozing and provides high strength on a variety of surfaces including plastics and metals.  Another benefit to using Meyers Direct polyester material is that it’s UL recognized and CSA accepted.  Our polyester material is also water resistant and extremely durable with the ability to perform well in varying temperatures and environments. This makes them a great fit for any application that will be exposed to inclement conditions. They work well with laser printers, allowing both black and colored graphics to be printed on their surface.


  • Perform well in extreme heat and cold
  • Low-temp adhesive holds fast in frigid conditions
  • Printed graphics are resistant to liquids
  • Adherence to a variety of materials including metal and plastic

Popular Uses for Polyester Labels

Bottle Labels

Labels are the only advertising that reaches 100% of customers at the moment they’re ready to purchase or consume. That’s why, at Meyers Direct, our goal is to make it easy for you to you to create a custom bottle label that perfectly reflects the personality of your product and brand, or make special events especially memorable. Browse our broad selection of bottle labels, then turn to us to help you in the labeling process. We can:

  • Design and print the bottle labels.
  • Supply labels and templates.
  • Customize bottle labels to your exact specifications.

We’ve been in the labeling business for more than two decades, so take advantage of our experience. In the meantime, check out these resources:

Food Product Labels

Whether you’re introducing a new product or simply want to make your homemade food items extra special, turn to Meyers Direct to help you provide a delicious presentation. Browse our complete selection of blank food labels that come in an assortment of sizes, shapes and materials.

Remember, we have more than two decades of labeling experience, so make sure you take advantage of it. We can:

  • Supply food label templates.
  • Print the labels for you.
  • Design and print the food labels.
  • Customize labels to your exact specifications.
  • Provide as much – or as little – labeling support as you desire.

Be sure to check out these resources regarding food labels:

Health & Beauty Labels

Differentiate your health and beauty product in a crowded marketplace with Meyers Direct. We offer a complete selection of health and beauty labels in many sizes, shapes, colors and materials to help you achieve your business objectives. With more than two decades of labeling experience, Meyers Direct can provide you as much or as little labeling assistance as you desire, including:

  • Supplying free templates.
  • Printing the labels for you.
  • Designing and printing the labels.
  • Customizing labels to your exact specifications.

Drum Labels

We offer a variety of blank drum labels for laser printers. We have been converting our polyester material into sheeted labels for drums since the early 90s and we have worked with some of the largest chemical companies. We understand the specialized needs of the chemical industry.

Our polyester drum labels are engineered to endure the many challenges of the labeling, imaging and filling processes. These labels are durable and weather resistance.

Custom Labels








Let us design and/or print your custom labels. If you’re looking for custom wine labels, custom water bottle labels, or other labels to make your products shine, contact the label printing experts at Meyers Direct.

Please give us a call at 1-800-241-9730 or click here to request a quote.