How to Design Labels that Sell: Here’s 11 of our best secrets

Labels are a powerful marketing tool. After all, only labels reach 100% of shoppers exactly when they’re ready to purchase. Furthermore, according to Nielsen, a global consumer research organization:

  • 64% of shoppers try a new product because of eye-catching packaging.
  • 41% continue to purchase a product because they prefer its packaging.
  • A package redesign can increase return on investment 700% for a small brand with even greater returns on a large one.

Of course, effective packaging includes labels that sell. Here are my 11 top tips to create labels that scream “Buy me!”

  1. Choose the right label stock. Will customers want to reuse the package? Make sure the label adheres on the shelf but removes easily at home.
  2. Think carefully about color. After all, up to 90% of a consumer’s first impression is based solely on color. It can distinctly convey a flavor and more broadly convey an attitude or mood. But, remember, it must also complement your brand.
  3. Brand consistently. Use consistent colors and fonts so customers can associate your product with your brand at a glance.
  4. Succinctly tell your story. In a sentence or two share what makes your product special and why people should buy from you. Consider a cheese producer who, instead of merely listing milk as the main ingredient, provided this description: “Milk from farm’s own Italian Alpine Brown cows, fed on hay and GMO-free protein supplements, pastured in the mountains for three months in the summer.”
  5.  Look at product labels not related to yours. Need to develop the perfect label for a beauty product, condiment, or just about anything that goes into a jar or bottle? Wine labels can be a powerful source of inspiration.
  6. Analyze your competitors. What do you like and dislike about their labels? Focus on how you can make yours stand apart while learning from the competition’s successes and mistakes.
    • Will the label be exposed to heat, sun, water or cold? Make sure you choose a label that will stand up to the environment.
    • What will you be printing your labels with? Make sure you select a compatible label material so ink doesn’t smear. Don’t want to deal with the hassle of printing them yourself? That’s not a problem. We’ll print them for you. Find out more here: Custom Labels.
  7. Select a typeface and stick to it. Ideally, it should be one that matches your brand. While it can be fun to play with fonts, using more than two on a label will make customers work harder to read it. Remember: The less a customer has to work to understand your product and your message, the more likely they’ll buy.
  8. Don’t go too small or too big. Again, you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to select your product. A label that’s too small detracts, and a label that’s too large sends a message that your business is sloppy and unprofessional.
  9. Let people know how to reach you. Include your website, phone number and email address. Take advantage of QR codes that customers can scan with their mobile device to reveal details and special offers. Remember: Providing contact information on labels is an easy opportunity to promote your business and attain customer feedback.
  10. Creatively use images. You can use multiple labels with different images for the same product. Just keep the font and colors similar. A good example is provided by the London Fields Soap Company. They use six different label images that represent the essence of their soaps as well as the story of their company. Each soap is made in small batches by hand in Hackney, east London, which has been a center for textile design and manufacturing for centuries.
  11. Get feedback. Before making a label investment, put designs to the test:
    • Ask the opinions of your best customers
    • Gather a focus group.
    • Print smaller quantities to see how well they sell.

Finally, for the best return on your label investment, be sure to select a label manufacturer that can deliver precisely the label you need at the best value. We even offer hard-to-find labels that can withstand the elements. We look forward to working with you.

Find out more here: Custom Label Design & Printing.