Fun and creative ways to use labels

There are endless ways to use labels these days, and if you’re like a lot of others you may already have some extra blank label sheets just lying around.  Meyers Direct has come up with a list to help the brainstorming begin.  If an idea catches your eye, and you need more blank label sheets, visit  Meyers Direct also offers a Print on Demand service which allows you to upload your artwork or design your label online and we will print and ship your labels to you.  The print on demand service is very quick and cost effective.  If you have any issues using our design software, call our friendly customer service staff at 1-800-241-9730.

Envelope Seals

What better way to add a personal touch to your mail then by adding a unique envelope seal.  There are many special events that an envelope seal would be perfect for!

•    Party Invitations
•    Thank you cards
•    Wedding invitations
•    Save the dates
•    Announcements

Not only can you print on your labels, you can also write your message with pen.  If your project becomes larger than expected, you can order more blank labels at  Meyers Direct can also print your envelope seals for you!

Party Labels

Have you ever been at a party and had to go back for another cup or plate multiple times?  Or how about when you’re the host and you find yourself throwing away a handful of half full cups?  There is a simple solution to this problem, place some blank labels and a sharpie next to the cups and plates and problem solved!  You may also find your guest using the labels as name tags too!

Travel Tags

Your luggage carries all your special belongings, don’t make the mistake of not labeling it.  Any size blank label will work perfect for labeling all your luggage.  Don’t trust the airlines paper tag to follow your luggage through the ins and outs of the airport, trust your homemade labels to do the trick.  Just some basic info, name, phone number, and email could result in your belonging making it safely back to you.  Not sure if your printer will work with your labels? Visit What is the difference between inkjet and laser printers?

Office Labels

Is the clutter in or around your workplace preventing you from achieving your super-hero status?  Okay, maybe your goal isn’t to reach super hero status, just to complete your work day without complete frustration and disorganization.  You may not even realize that much of your work-related stress could be caused by all the clutter in your workplace. 

Check out our clearance section of blank labels to help you with your organization goals.

Gift Tag Labels

There is nothing worse than being knees deep in wrapping gifts, and to run out of gift tags.  No worries, you can use those left-over labels to create your own quick and easy gift tag labels.  Meyers Direct has many resources to help you print your labels.

•    Five easy steps to making a label using a template
•    Can I hand write on the labels with marker or pen?
•    Make labels that work

Scrap Booking

Blank labels are great for scrap book projects.  With a little creativity and few blank labels, you’ll be amazed what you can do.  Visit the Meyers Direct Blog for information on hand writing on your labels.  Your friends will be very excited when you bring all your left over labels to your next scrap booking party.  Meyers Direct has a variety of fluorescent labels in our clearance sections.

These are only a few of many ways you can utilize your unused labels.  Using your creativity and imagination you can come up with many other ways to use your unused labels.  If you need more labels or have any questions on your label project, call us at 1-800-241-9730.  You can also visit our website