Get Organized with Labels: 10 Smart Ideas

If you keep one resolution in 2017, make it getting organized. Of course it will save time, but it will also save money because you won’t buy stuff that you already have and just can’t find. Here’s 10 ways to kick start your effort by using blank labels for organizing.


  1. Use blank removable labels that you can easily remove for temporary labeling.
  2. Organize your pantry with spice labels and baking mix labels.
  3. Design your own custom spine labels using Meyers Direct blank book labels for a refined look.
  4. Create large hanger labels so children can easily find their outfits.
  5. Re-label luggage tags with our durable polyester blank labels for baskets and bins.
  6. Wrap a blank label around your cords so you know what each powers.
  7. Add spine labels to your photo albums and scrapbooks
  8. Organize your laundry room – know what’s to be folded and what’s to be washed.
  9. Organize your important files with Meyers Direct blank file folder labels.
  10. Keep track of bath and beauty products.

Imagine how much less stressful life will be when you and your family can find everything they need with ease – so get labeling!  If you need printable labels, we have them in hundreds of sizes, colors and materials. Browse our selection and download templates, or call us at 800-241-9730.