How to Print Labels

Five easy steps to making a label using a template

Label-making can be intimidating. Luckily, Meyers Direct™ offers a template for all of its labels, making it easier for you to design each of your labels as you want in Microsoft Word.  We’ve all been there: You have labels and a printer, but how do you get them to work together without creating a sticky, inky mess?  Follow this super-simple 5-step guide and get the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

PC Instructions

1. Order your labels, then download the corresponding template.

Find your label template here.

2. Open your template in Microsoft Word.

3. When the document opens you should see gridlines outlining your labels die cuts. If you are not seeing the gridlines, click on the Layout Tab, then click the View Gridlines.

4. Next step is to customize your labels.

5. Printing your label.


Common Questions

  • Does my printer matter?

Many customers have asked us whether they can print inkjet labels in a laser printer and vice versa. The answer is “it depends”. Please follow the link below to find out what kind of printers you can use to print your labels.

Inkjet vs. Laser Printing: How to Print Labels

  • What’s the difference between inkjet and laser printers?

It can be difficult to determine which labels to use in what kind of printer. Many people don’t know the difference between inkjet printers and laser printers. We cover the basics of each printer on our label FAQs page:

What is the difference between inkjet and laser printers?

  • Which printer is a better fit for your business?

Is your business in the market for a new printer?  The unavoidable question that arises when searching for a new printer is “Laser or Inkjet?”  There are many pros and cons to both laser and inkjet printers when it comes to printing labels, and were not just talking about the shelf price.  Before you start shopping, take some time to research which type of printer is best to handle the work around you workplace.  What are your printing habits–the kinds of things you will be printing (black/white, plain text, photos, or a mix), how much do you print (10 pages a week, 100 pages a week, or 1000s of pages a week), and also how many other people will you be sharing this printer with.

Inkjet Printers: The basic inkjet method of squirting liquid through microscopic nozzles onto a page hasn’t changed much throughout the years, however the ink and the hardware have made many advancements.  Inkjets do a better job blending colors smoothly, so for businesses that want to create photo-heavy promotional materials, should go with an inkjet printer.  The inkjet printers are typically most people’s first choice due to their low cost, high quality, bright colors, and ease of use.  There are some disadvantages to using an inkjet printer: costly to operate and maintain, slower printer speed, and dry time.

Laser Printers: Laser printers use a special laser to produce an electrically charged image on a drum, which is then rolled through powdered toner.  Laser printers are now available at prices and sizes that are accommodating to small offices. Some other advantages to laser printers are: speed, high volumes, cost less to operate daily, and sharp text quality.  While there may be many advantages to purchasing a laser printer, there are also disadvantages.  Before purchasing a laser printer, here are some factors to consider: initial cost is high, images & graphics don’t print as clear, and the toner cartridges can be very costly to replace.

No matter which printer you decide is a better fit for you and your business, Meyers Direct is here to help you with your label needs.  Meyers Direct have a wide variety of labels for both laser and inkjet printers.  For more printer support, you can call our customer service team at 1-800-241-9730.

  • My labels aren’t the right size. Can I return them?

If you are not satisfied with your label order, you may return the unopened boxes for a full refund.  Meyers Direct will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.  Please visit the link below for additional return information:

Meyers Direct Return Policy

Be sure to bookmark this page so that next time you’re faced with a label-printing dilemma, you have all the answers. Get more label-printing advice here:

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Remember, if you need labels fast, Meyers Direct will ship in-stock labels the same day if the order is placed before 2:30 p.m. CST.