From Water to Wine: 11 inspirational bottle label designs

If you’re like two out of three consumers, you’ve been influenced to buy wine based on the label. It’s no wonder that smart water wine, and beer manufacturers pour on the creativity when it comes to label design. Here are 11 of our favorites. Bookmark this blog for whenever you need to whet your thirst for label inspiration.

Selling Water at a Wine’s Price

Our first examples come from the Spanish water manufacturer, Sant Aniol. The company used to sell water in supermarkets throughout Spain. When they decided to break into the international market, they didn’t invest in expensive packaging. Instead, they made sure their labels were inventive, fun and fresh. They even created demand by printing limited editions. It’s no wonder they won Spain’s most prestigious design award. Today, Sant Aniol is a leader in the luxury water market. Check out a few of our favorites below.

Gramma, a Romanian winery, collaborated with celebrated Romanian artist and actor Horațiu Mălăele to create these compelling labels. They were named one of the coolest wine labels of 2016 by Forbes.

gramma wine bottle labels

Some wine labels are so beautiful it’s tempting to steam them off and frame them, like this one created by artist Makoto Fujimura for a joint label by Waters Winery and Gramercy Cellars. Each year Fujimura creates a new piece of artwork for this brand.

Capturing the Product’s Personality

Gut Oggau, an Austrian winemaker, believes their wines have such unique personalities that they equate them to actual people. Consequently, each has a portrait and a given name to accompany it.

Italy’s Ornellaia Estates commissioned artist Yutaka Sone to depict landscapes that reflect the wine’s character. (His artwork appears exclusively on the larger bottles. )

Driftwood Brewery, based in British Columbia, brewed a dark, complex beer. Naturally, they designed an award-winning dark, complex label to go with it by matching the beer’s nocturnal spirit to its avian doppelganger, the owl.

Playing with Words and Images

The editors of Paste Magazine prove our point about the power of wine labeling. While they admit they don’t know if Bad Habit cabernet sauvignon is any good, they insist they’ll buy it just for the label.

bad habit wine bottle label

Boneyard Wines captures the youthful, iconoclastic spirit of both their brand and their product on the label for their chardonnay. They describe it as “elegant like Nora Jones, but complex like Mars Volta and exciting like the craziest metal band you have ever heard.”

Spain’s Finca De La Rica winery wants to equate wine enjoyment with pleasant childhood memories. That’s why their wines feature a label that customers can play with as they’re sipping their favorite vintage.

Have these labels got your creative juices flowing? We hope so! Whether you have a fabulous design in mind or aren’t quite sure where to start, we have the label inventory and expertise to help you brilliantly bedeck your bottles. Find out more here: Wine Bottle Labels and Custom Wine Bottle Labels.